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The options are endless when deciding the types of door you'd like in your home. Whether you're looking to replace your front door or maybe a house full of internal doors we will be able to find you the most suitable solution. The trend for doors is ever changing but we have listed some of the most common Timber & Aluminium options below:
Sliding door - A sliding door is a space saver in the home. It can be used where space is limited (such as ensuite or an office) and it is a practical & affordable option.
Stacker door - Stacker doors are traditionally a glass sliding door fixed panel solution and are used as an entry/exit door to your backyard. 
French door - A French door lets an abundance of light in! They suit all different styles of homes such as traditional, rustic or modern. This type of door is very on trend but also has a timeless feel to it. 
Barn door - This type of door is a beautiful option in your home. You need ample wall space for this option but if you have the space to make it work there should be no doubt!

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